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Your business objectives have to be profitable.
ROI measures profit while ROAS measures gross revenue generated for every dollar spent on advertising.

Data Driven Marketing

From Google Analytics to your database, they are sources of information that will help us make the right decisions in your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Sales Funnels

In marketing, your sales funnels are the key to attracting your customers, leading them to buy from you and to be loyal to your brand. Learn in this course what a funnel is, how it works and how to structure it in your business to generate continuous growth.

Data Analyst

We analyze structured data to identify patterns and trends in your business. We create reports and strategic visualizations.

Data engineering

We create and optimize the data extraction and preparation infrastructure for your organization's analytics.

Artificial Intelligence for Business

We multiply the impact of your team with the use of AI tools and create Artificial Intelligence strategies to transform your business.

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Fast and easy“Until machines do business with each other, where there is a successful company there will be someone who once made…a brave decision.”

One click away from an email to change the course of your business

Managment experts

What you seek

Experience and specialized knowledge

Strategic vision

Coordination and management of the marketing team

Data analysis and results measurement

Business connections and networks

Dedicated focus

What you hate

Recruitment salary costs

Adaptation time

Dependency on one person

Lack of sector-specific knowledge

Possible lack of agility

Risk of creative stagnation


Trino has a brilliant mind when it comes to designing strategies and formulating hypotheses to achieve results. His technical and growth knowledge are essential to make better decisions in any business or marketing strategy. Without a doubt, she is an important asset for any Saas, technology or online marketing related company.

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Isabel Romero

Head of Marketing Metricool

Trusting in Trino is taking a quality leap in your business, it accompanies you from the first minute.
It makes you understand the complex concepts of marketing in a simple way and adapted to your business.
I would recommend it again and again.

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Xavi Castellvi

business partner Hotel Estela del Arte

I always say that a consultant has to help you from minute one. I appreciate the transparency and sincerity from the beginning. When things are clear, we all win.

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Samuel Subire

Head of Marketing Verco Hispania

e-commerce experts

It is important to carefully assess the needs and circumstances of your company before making the decision to hire a marketing manager. Every business is unique and will require a tailored approach to maximize benefits and minimize downsides.

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